Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hermès HAC 101

After my previous posts on Hermès HAC, many people don't know the different between HAC and Birkin. Here are some fact and info on Hermès HAC.
The Haut à Courroies was designed in the late 1800’s for the purpose of transporting riding gear: saddle, boots, hunting equipment, etc. Hermès "Haut à Courroies" (a.k.a. HAC) means High Belts in French, is the original Birkin with slightly taller with shorter straps. After Jane Birkin complained that the bag was too big and she couldn't put it underneath the airplane seat, then the "Birkin" was born. The price for a HAC is essentially identical to the Birkin, starting from about $8,000, depending on features such as hide and hardware. There are 6 sizes available:

HAC W27 : H24 x W27 x D14
HAC W32 : H27 x W32 x D16

HAC W45 : H38 x W45 x D25

HAC W50 : H41 x W50 x D26

HAC W55 : H45 x W55 x D28

HAC W60 : H48 x W60 x D30


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