Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anatomy of UGLY Shoes

For many years, there are many shoes that became popular for no reason. They are ugly and some of them are not even comfortable. Here are some ugly items I picked out...

1966: The Birkenstock

Californian Margot Fraser falls in love with the squat German sandals and buys the U.S. distribution rights; they become the counterculture’s signature footwear.

1971: The Klompen - give them to the nuns (sorry!!!)

Sexy, disco-era platforms reign, but more conservative dressers—especially men—adopt traditional Scandinavian clogs with a cartoonish point at the toe.

Mid-Nineties: For the Concrete Canyons - unflattering & uncomfortable

Several time zones east of Colorado, New Yorkers inexplicably embrace Tevas. The truly brazen wear them with socks.

Winter 2004: UGGS - Hey, my feet are freezing !!!
Uggs were a generic sheepshearer’s boot in Australia for decades, but have become beachwear for surfers, then models, who wear them with minis.

2006: CROCS - save them for the yard work
The garishly colored slip-resistant shoes beloved by shift workers and chefs spread like a virus, engulfing entire families at a time.


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