Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson

Marc Newson has kept the essence of the original shape of the bottle and added a silver version of the Dom Pérignon label. His signature is featured on the back in bright orange. When closed, the "Dom Pérignon by Marc Newson" measures 27 inches. "The design of this object belies its practicality – it is more than just a receptacle to hold a bottle of champagne. The material that it’s made of has the ability to actually insulate the ice and then to keep it cold. There is a very, very functional aspect to this product which could be overlooked simply because of its bold appearance." And of course, it's a limited edition.

PETA is working hard this Fall: Part II

Vogue September issue, which has Kirsten Dunst on the cover, has 6-pages fur fashion spread supported by IFTF - Internation Fur Trade Federation. The fashion spread includes the collections from Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Michael Kors, Burberry Prosum, Julien Macdonald, Roberto Cavalli, Prada and Marc Jacobs. Now PETA has a longer list of people to go after.

Freddie is Here

Freddie Ljungberg, the soccer player for Arsenal team - England - and Captain of the Sweden National Team but he's more famous for his photospread for Calvin Klein underwear ads. Now, he's back for the second round and is still hotter than ever.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

PETA is working hard this Fall

PeTA has written to the Metropolitan Museum of Art demanding that it remove a fox fur-trimmed Burberry trench coat from its Anglomania exhibition celebrating British fashion. "Displaying fur garments – especially fur items that serve to advertise goods that visitors can purchase just a few blocks from the museum – sends the message the it's somehow acceptable to torture and kill animals for mere 'fashion'," says PETA's president, Ingrid Newkirk. In the museum's defence, curator Andrew Bolton said the coat had been partly designed to "reveal the moral discourse surrounding blood sports and fur fashions".

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Japanese always has cool idea

Try it for yourself.

Trailer: The Protector

Thai movie goes Hollywood, starring Tony Jaa (from "Ong Bak") with real stunt without string attached. Follow the links to watch the trailer or goes to the official site. In theaters everywhere Sep 8.

One Never have enough Bags

Have you ever seen bags and moan like you're having an orgasm ? If no, it means you've never seen bags from Bottega Veneta.

Money Can't Buy Taste

For those of you who are depressed in life, I have something to cheer you up. Feel free to leave your comment...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Are you "Nerd", "Geek" or "Dork" ?

What's the difference between a nerd, a geek, and a dork?

- Nerds are people of above-average intelligence who place little importance on their appearance. Nerds are often aware of their status, but they don't mind. In fact, many take pride in the putdown, as it means they're smart and not wrapped up in superficial worries.
- Geek is a more specific term. Like nerds, geeks are smart, but they tend to focus more on technology. These are the people you make fun of in high school and later work for as an adult.

- Being called a "dork" is the biggest insult of the three. There's no way you can spin it into something positive. After all, even the dictionary writes that dorks are "stupid" people. And to make matters worse, dorks assume they're cool and they smell, too. SOURCE

Quote of the Day

" What doesn't destroy you makes you stronger "

Stalking Ms. Richie

I think I'm obsess with Nicole Richie because I'm writing about her twice today, but doesn't she look gorgeous ?

Cool Ads

World Premiere: Lionel Richie - I call it love

Lionel still gets his groove and Nicole looks classy and stunning on the video.

The Perfect 10

Towleroad has a special preview from DNA magazine's forthcoming issue "Sexiest Men Alive", which features actor and model TJ Wilk in a 20-page fashion spread. TJ lives in L.A. and recently appeared on reality fashionbot Janice Dickinson's reality show. The cover photo resembles my picture in the profile but no, we were not in the same pool (although I wish...).

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Survivor 13: Segregation on Cook Islands

Sep 14 is the season's premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands which the contestants will be divided into four teams by race - blacks, Asians, Latinos and whites. I think this time the realily show has gone too far.

I'm back...

I'm back from my one-night retreat at Meadowood in Napa Valley. The resort is magnificent, as I would describe as "Old New England Country Club" with many outdoor activities to do such as golf, tennis, croquet, swimming. I spent yesterday afternoon lay out by the pool and had a chance to swim a little bit. Last night we had dinner at the resort; the food was alright but the survice was 5-stars. It was a last minutes decision and short trip but it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Thank you...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ONE tee from EDUN

By now you should be familiar with the ONE campaign which help fighting AIDS and poverty in Africa. Starting on September 11, ONE t-shirt, designed by EDUN, will be available at Nordstrom for $40. This shirt is made in Lesotho of 100% African cotton. The proceed will help Lesotho, which classified as one of the poorest developing countries in the world with an average per capita income of just $402.

Ultra-chic "Dream" in Bangkok

Vikram Chatwal, Manhattan hotelier's business ventures will open his latest project, the Dream Hotel in Bangkok. Chatwal describes the 100-room abode as a "property that mirrors surrealistic ultra-cool," and judging by the lobby's louche leather chaises and oversized gilded ceramic bell pagodas, he isn't exaggerating. Guests arrive from the airport in a fleet of custom Mercedes-Benz, the concierge team has formally forsaken the word "no," and all rooms come equipped with 21st-century travel must-haves like plasma TVs, Wi-Fi, personal iPod Nanos, and minibars stocked with the best bubbly.

Bigotry is Bigotry

Sheryl McCarthy from USA Today compares Same-sex marriage and a civil right. As the debate rages over whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry, African-Americans are more opposed to same-sex marriage than whites are, according to a June survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, which found that 65% of African-Americans are against it compared with 53% of whites. Read full report here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My wish list...

Louis Vuitton watch: Tambour Tourbillon Monogram (Price on request)
Exclusive work of art where both the technical and precious aspects overlap with a clockwork precision.

- Yellow, pink or white gold case; square cognac yellow sapphire set on the crown.
- Blue galuchat (stingray) strap
- Unique piece: the middle wheel bridge can be personalize upon request
- Sapphire glass
- Skeleton watch

IQ Light

Yesterday my friend asked me to help him assemble the IQ light. It looks complicated but needs some logic to be able to finish it. It was facinating to me and I may have to get one myself. The IQ light system was designed in 1972 by Danish designer Holger Strøm, who was then working at the Kilkenny Design Workshops, Ireland. He was originally asked to create a modular construction for a cylindrical and a spherical lamp, both to appear to be the same size, to be used in a Christmas display.

Pic of the Day

Nicole Richie from her dad's new video "I Call It Love." Nicole wears Bulgari sunglasses and looking through a Bulgari's window in a "Breakfast At Tiffany's" movie moment.

Auf Wiedersehen, Alison

Everyone can't stop talking about this week episode of Project Runway which Alison got booted off instead of crazy Vincent. I love when Heidi commented to Vincent that "there is a fine line between innovation and insanity", that's so true. Alison speaks out with Entertainment Weekly about the last moment. Hopefully, Vincent will go next week, can't stand the craziness.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fur is in

Fur is always the best accessories for Fall/Winter Collection, but this year it goes beyond clothes - to the eyebrows. Fuller and thicker eyebrows were found every runway of the top designers, from Milan to Paris. Stop the tweezers and grow your eyebrow back.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

9 x 9 = Mukhtar Safarov

Mukhtar Safarov, 26 years old, is the brightest (and the biggest) star in the porn business today. He was born from a Russian mother and Brazillian father with the amazing 9 x 9 inches cock. At age 19, Mukhtar began his career modeling for Russian agency, 'Fashion Models', before being signed by New York’s 'Boss Models'. By his early 20’s he had appeared on cat-walks world wide for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch, Amarni, Calvin Klein and John Paul Gautier. Along with success on the runway he also enjoyed many underwear campaigns appearing as the muse for some of the worlds largest fashion labels.
Note: There is no photoshop for these pics. Check out his Official Website.

Flying without Liquid

Under the new airport security's rules - no liquids or gels are allowed as carry-on items - that includes some makeup, shampoo, shaving lotion, toothpaste, sunscreen, cologne, or bottles of liquor, water or soft drinks (these are all necessities for gay men). Even sealed items from the duty free are disallowed. The Body Shop and Lush were forced to close a number of airport locations. The new regulations are now the new reality and are expected to remain in effect permanently.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is the hot topic over my lunch with the gang today. I was surprise that they all love him too, I guess because of his bad boy attitude. They all went crazy when I told them I have his nude pics when he was younger. They're not the most updated pics on the net, many of you may already seen these.