Sunday, December 05, 2010

Fashion and Blackberry

I can't help but notice that fashion people seem to use Blackberry more than iPhone (correct me if I'm wrong.) I, currently use Blackberry, am thinking about to switch to iPhone but not sure which one will suit me better. Any thought ??? 


thompsonboy said...

It really depends on your usage. I guess people in fashion has no time for apps or games so Blackberry is the way to go. Besides BBM is fantastic and you have Grindr on BB already..LOL

menshoeholic said...

i got the same feeling too!
i guess Apple keeps releasing new phones, with new shapes and structures.therefore, phone covers have to change too.but BB is consistent most of the time in shape and structure.

SE@N said...

I love my BB too because I don't have time for apps and games...but many major labels always come up with nice cases for iPhone. :)